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Welcome to Potteries Photography Club

About us: Willfield Camera Club Unlike many camera clubs, Potteries Photography Club (PPC) is not all about competitions. Hopefully this means that beginners and novices will feel more welcome and less shy about showing their photos and asking for feedback. We like to encourage an atmosphere of sharing the knowledge and techniques, whilst having fun! At the same time, we do like to keep a good mix of presentations, practical sessions and trips out to keep it fresh and interesting for professional and new photographers alike.

We are members of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF) whose chief aim is to assist Clubs/Societies to provide adequate programmes of interest and instruction for their members through the judges and lecturers.

About us: Willfield Camera ClubWe do have ‘Photo of the Month‘ which is a chance for all members to submit two of their favourite photos, taken at any time, just so long as it is their own work. This is not supposed to be particularly competitive, but a chance for people to show their photos for other members to pick their five favourites. The photos are displayed anonymously on Flickr, with all exif data stripped out, so no one knows who took each one – although once you get to know each other’s styles, it is fun trying to guess! We also show the top five photos as a slideshow at the club once a month. The monthly Top 5 chosen images are added to the website, just for kudos, no prizes. It is interesting to note that the voting is extremely varied and most photos usually get at least one vote, so it’s always worth entering! It’s all down to personal and individual taste. for information on entering or voting for POTM, please click here.

About us: Willfield Camera ClubFor those who are interested in taking part in competitions there still is the option to do this within the club, but it does not take over the general Club activities.

Open every Thursday 7-9pm (except Christmas, please see diary)

Open to everyone over the age of 14 interested in photography at any level.

During the summer months, we have also have trips out as well as nights in at the club, please see the Diary page for more information. We have a variety of equipment including two sets of studio lights, back drops, a laptop and projector.


When the Local Education Authority ceased funding a long standing camera class, Willfield Camera Club was formed by the people in that class in around 2006. It started with one basic objective:

“To provide social and educational opportunities for its members using photography as the subject basis”. (Constitution)

The Club has evolved into a great group of friendly people willing to share their love of photography and whatever skills they have to help each other and the Club. This could be anything from setting out the room, to teaching photographic or computer skills. All members are encouraged to help in some way.

In 2011 Willfield Camera Club moved from Bentilee to Moorville Hall as Willfield Conference Centre was too close that Summer and from January 2012 the Club moved into Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre. Finally the club moved to Marychurch Centre, Bucknall in December 2017.


There is a membership fee of £20 and Club fees are £2.50 per every week you attend. If we are on location, there's no fee, unless an entrance fee is required.


We have a rule that states “If any member is absent for more that 3 months without notifying anyone then we will assume they no longer wish to be a member.”


We have a varied programme which includes classroom sessions for learning new skills (These can also be done on an individual basis), practical sessions where we put into practise what we have learned, and evaluation sessions where we look at our photographs and discuss the results. (Did you get the shot you wanted?) We go out on location to take certain types of photographs, e.g. landscape, night shots, macro, etc. Everyone can contribute ideas as to what they want to go into the programme. All ideas are welcome. We also have social outings and enjoy a Christmas meal together.

Commitee Members

Secretary: Glyn Wade
Vice Secretary: Nikki Pierzchalla
Chairperson: Claire Wade
Vice Chairperson: Andy Nichols
Treasurer: Paula Hulme
Vice Treasurer: Steve Bourne
Events Secretary: Andy Pickford
Events Vice Secretary: Dave Chadwick
Membership Secretary: Phil Critchlow
Vice Membership Secretary: Debbie Berry