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Buying Guide for Photographers

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Photography Gear

by Andy Pickford When anyone starts out in photography, we all make mistakes. We look at equipment on…

What does it all mean?

August 8, 2015 Articles, Back to basics, Tutorials
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Photo by Alan Tunnicliffe

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe ● Aperture – A circle-shaped opening in a lens through which light passes to…

Tips on Exposure

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Depth of Field Chart

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A photographs exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it…

Group Shoot Formations

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The Ever Ready

Posted by Richard Amor Allan Recently Glyn wrote an article entitled ‘Stance‘, which gave budding snappers a valuable…


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The Flounder

Posted by Glyn Wade Okay, so you’ve mastered the rules of photography, you’re well up on aperture, shutter…

Back to Basics – Shutterspeed

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Slow shutterspeed

Posted by Claire Wade Shutterspeed is how quickly the shutter on your camera shuts – simples!! Well, there…

Back to Basics – Aperture

February 4, 2014 Articles, Back to basics, Tutorials
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Posted by Claire Wade What is it? The aperture is the size (diameter) of the opening of the…