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October 9, 2015 Articles
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Photo by Yvonne Brearley

Posted by Glyn Wade ‘The aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image…

The Ten Shot Challenge

June 20, 2015 Articles
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Glyn Wade

Posted by Glyn Wade I blame Claire. She did a talk on Steve Bloom and mentioned a challenge…

Tips on Exposure

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Depth of Field Chart

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A photographs exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it…

Group Shoot Formations

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The Ever Ready

Posted by Richard Amor Allan Recently Glyn wrote an article entitled ‘Stance‘, which gave budding snappers a valuable…

Second Curtain Synch

May 18, 2015 Articles
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Photo by Richard Amor Allan

Posted by Glyn Wade Before you ask….I have no idea….I was on holiday and missed the opportunity to…

Rear Curtain (2nd Curtain) Slow Sync Flash

November 12, 2014 Articles, Camera, Tutorials
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Posted by Chris Hulme Equipment Requirements: Digital SLR Standard Zoom Lens Flash Gun Tripod Remote cable/wireless release Hot…

Photographing Fireworks

October 30, 2014 Articles, Tutorials
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Posted by Andy Pickford Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and it’s the 5th…