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Shooting Each Other

May 27, 2022
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I honestly never tire of that analogy so I’m afraid you’re going to have to learn to love…

A model, instruction, a competition and film noir

May 3, 2019
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Well this is going to be different! Our guest tonight is a model, a photographer and a judge….

High Key Photography

May 1, 2019
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In a late change to the programme we will now be doing high key photography in the big…

Studio Instruction Night with a side order of photographs

October 8, 2018
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Two volunteer instructors with small groups doing studio lighting to follow on from last week’s visit from Paolo….

Macro and Water Droplets Night

October 3, 2017
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This week it is time for…. ……a PHOTOGRAPHY night.! Yes, in an unusual turn for a photography club…

Back to Basics and Halloween Night

October 3, 2017
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Double trouble is back as we will have two rooms tonight. In our main room we will be…

Sci-Fi Night Part 2

April 9, 2016 Articles
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Photo by Rob Hulme

Posted by Glyn Wade With a REAL lightsabre, a PROPER sonic screwdriver and four excellent models attired in…

The Night the Germans came to Willfield

February 26, 2016 Articles
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Photo by David Bayliss

Posted by Glyn Wade When we decided to have a World War II night we contacted some of…