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Painting with fire….and light….

February 5, 2016 Articles, Trips
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Photo by Stephen Husband

Posted by Glyn Wade It was muddy, it rained and the whole place was a health and safety…

Tips on Exposure

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Depth of Field Chart

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A photographs exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it…

Big Bangs and Bubbles Night 2

March 5, 2015 Articles
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Photo by Patrick Salt

Posted by Glyn Wade What a mess! But great fun! There were indeed lots of bangs, there were…

Rear Curtain (2nd Curtain) Slow Sync Flash

November 12, 2014 Articles, Camera, Tutorials
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Posted by Chris Hulme Equipment Requirements: Digital SLR Standard Zoom Lens Flash Gun Tripod Remote cable/wireless release Hot…

Photographing Fireworks

October 30, 2014 Articles, Tutorials
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Posted by Andy Pickford Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and it’s the 5th…

Back to Basics – Shutterspeed

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Slow shutterspeed

Posted by Claire Wade Shutterspeed is how quickly the shutter on your camera shuts – simples!! Well, there…

My Fascination With Water Droplet Photography

May 10, 2014 Articles, Tutorials
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Posted by Clare Richardson Back in February, completely oblivious that I even had an un-awakened fascination with water…

Party Poppers and Sparklers – High Speed Photography

February 25, 2014 Articles, Tutorials
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Posted by David Bayliss An article from a Willfield Camera Club member on a high-speed photography shoot he…