by Mike Farmer

I joined Flickr in 2015 because of the poor internet service down the race tracks. An area of Cheadle where the street names are named after racetracks. You would have thought they’d have a fast service with such names. We now have fibre.

I was a member of Leek Photo Club at the time and another member always wanted my opinion on competition entries but could not upload them to me, but could to Flickr. That’s all I joined for, but things change. I now have 4468 photos on it and 326 followers.

A while back, the new owners, Smug, decided to only allow 1,000 photos on the free service, so I deleted a lot. But it seems they never did delete any, most vexing as computer corruption lost four years of my RAW files, despite all the back-ups I thought I had. Always the sure way to learn to test what back-up you may have.

Garden Bird

I liked to enter print competitions in the clubs I’d been a member of, but the numbers were reducing, due to cost I presume, and the Digital Projected Images (DPI) started to take over.

Covid wouldn’t have helped.

I stopped entering DPI competitions as so many images, not just mine, were picked on because of poor projection. I could control a print, but not a projected image, and you don’t argue with a judge. Just call them names afterwards.

So what to do with my snaps, put them on to Flickr of course where they can be cheerfully ignored by most, but the advantage is, they don’t take up any room unlike the boxes of mounted prints I have.

I did promise Claire I would bring some in to show the good and not so good and what comments I can remember that the judge made. But it seems club attendance is low enough as it is without me reducing it more.

A surprise came this week, I had at last put up the photos taken last May at the Tissington Well Dressing, where a local says she has put the album on the village Facebook page. The surprise is the number of people who have looked at it, I rarely get more than a couple.