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Photography Filters

June 30, 2015 Articles, Equipment, Tutorials
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Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe Filter Type Primary Use Common Subject Matter Linear & Circular Polarisers Reduce Glare Improve…


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Photo by Rob Hulme

Posted by Glyn Wade Let no-one say we don’t do things differently at Willfield. Our latest studio night…

Knypersley Trip

June 20, 2015 Articles, Trips
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Photo by Rob Hulme

Posted by Glyn Wade With a dry evening provided by myself it was a very pleasant evening as…

The Ten Shot Challenge

June 20, 2015 Articles
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Glyn Wade

Posted by Glyn Wade I blame Claire. She did a talk on Steve Bloom and mentioned a challenge…

Monkeying Around

June 20, 2015 Articles, Trips
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Photo by Candace Skews

Posted by Glyn Wade I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear I felt quite at home at…

Macro Accessories

June 20, 2015 Articles, Macro, Tutorials
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Photo by Chris Hulme

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe This article is not about how to take close ups, moreover it is about…

Tips on Exposure

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Depth of Field Chart

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A photographs exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it…


June 12, 2015 Articles, Equipment
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A phalanx of tripods by Neil Taylor

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A camera tripod can make a huge difference in the sharpness and overall quality…

Group Shoot Formations

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The Ever Ready

Posted by Richard Amor Allan Recently Glyn wrote an article entitled ‘Stance‘, which gave budding snappers a valuable…


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The Flounder

Posted by Glyn Wade Okay, so you’ve mastered the rules of photography, you’re well up on aperture, shutter…